Solo exhibition

KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad
May - August 2020

Photos: Frida Gregersen and Alexandra Buhl

The solo exhibition Vandlegeme/Waterbody by performance- and visual artist Nana Francisca Schottländer examines exchanges between human and other-than-human through bodily encounters with Silkeborg's landscapes and the beings and phenomena who inhabit them. The works revolve around and intimacy spanning species and modes of existence - bordering on the erotic. Photos, video and sculptural objects are juxtaposed in a spatial installation, which also engages the visitors physically.


For us humans, the flow and flush of waters sustain our own bodies, but also connect them to other bodies, to other worlds beyond our human selves.

…the waters that we comprise are both intensely local and wildly global: I am here, and now, and at least three billion years old, and already becoming something else.

...A body of water also extends, transcorporeally, into other assemblages: watershed, cistern, sea; and other bodies that are human, vegetable, animal, and hydrogeological. 

In opening us up to the droughts, seepages, and inundations that are also animal and elemental, we are reminded that our humanness is always more than the bounds of our skin.

By tuning into these bodily molecularities as lived, we might also attune ourselves empathically towards other bodies of water, beyond us. 


We might ask: what kinds of ethics and politics, alliances and relationalities, are materialized in these transcorporeal tangles of embodiment? What might acknowledging these transits as a mode of living our elemental embodiment open or invite, in terms of our relationships to different kinds of bodies? 


Astrida Neimanis: Posthuman Gestationality: Luce Irigaray and Water’s Queer Repetitions. Bodies of Water: Posthuman Feminist Phenomenology