Nana Francisca Schottländer is a Danish independent artist, based in Copenhagen, working since 2001 with emerging hybrids in the intersection between dance, performance, installation- and conceptual art. 


Central to her work is the use of her own body as a living tool for investigation and creation.  Her projects span choreographic works, performative installations, choreographed events, video works, exposed inhabitations and performative interventions in public spaces.

The works are often formed in ongoing serial explorations of particular themes: Each work series has its own logic, strategies and aesthetics and is deeply rooted in both theory, literature, locational awareness and personal material.


Each manifestation within the work series is a micro laboratory for research and mutual exploration, creation and exchange with the audience. The works are often conceptualized site specifically and employ strategies of immersion, co-creation and long duration.   

Alongside her own artistic practice she collaborates regularly with other artists as performer, choreographer, dancer and conceptualizer. 


In 2016 Nana Francisca Schottländer was supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.


Photo by Marine Gastineau