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Copenhagen Art Week, CC, Copenhagen Contemporary, 2016 

- exploring resonances spanning species and expressions


2 sets of work clothes (overalls and t-shirts)

1 Reconstructed water pipe sculpture

3 glass carafes for water revitalization

1 Vet’s Wagon

1 Loop station

1 Delay machine

1 Sound Mixer

∞ Water


The dream is an involuntary act of poetry” (J. P. Richter)

As dogs, cats, horses and probably all the higher animals, even birds, have vivid dreams (…) we must admit, that they possess some power of imagination.”

Charles Darwin

THE DESCENT OF MAN and selection in relation to sex

The boar station near Ringsted has room for 308 boars. Here they produces semen primarily for Danish pig farmers.

The company has 10 branches in Denmark and sells 5.4 million semen doses per year.

Boar Exposure Program is a quadruple exposure involving humans and boars; a setting in motion of cross-species relational art production and ritualistic exchange.

The project is an ongoing collaboration between Andreas Hald Oxenvad (DK) and Nana Francisca Schottländer using their respective fields of inquiry in a mutual exploration of the artistic potential of cross-species interactions and exchanges within the context of a Boar Station.

The process of investigation generates material in the form of video, sound, performative sequences and installational objects.

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