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Bodyscaping (landscape performance)

Copenhagen Northern Harbour Soil Repository

Part of Metropolis

June - July 2021


The Soil Repository is new land, equivalent to 1% of the total Copenhagen area. Before it became the Soil Repository it was ocean.

Then an iron fence was pounded into the ocean floor and thi filling began in two sections: one for clean soil and one for contaminated soil. After 8-9 years of filling it is now complete, lying on the outermost point of the Copenhagen Northern Harbour.


Throughout a year performance- and visual artist Nana Francisca Schottländer conducted research in and worked with the Soil Repository - and landscape in constant flux in a living choreography between soil, humans, machines and all the other forms of life, that come into being here.


Along the path other artists were invited into the dialogue with this hyper anthropocene landscape, and this became three interrelated projects: the exhibition HABITAT + in the Tunne Factory, the performance series Bodyscaping taking place at the actual Soil Repository

as part of Metropolis 21 and a publication published by Antipyrine.


HABITAT + Bodyscaping relates curiously and critically to the dynamics that shape a landscape like the Soil Repository and, through its different angles invites the audience to join into the research process.

The audience choreographing landscape performance Bodyscaping was created by Nana Francisca Schottländer in collaboration with the performers:


Maja Ejrnæs, Thomas Smith, Mikkel Mallow, Sarah Lee Armstrong and Peter Vadim

Consultant: Tora Balslev / Daily Fiction

Produced by Metropolis 2021 and supported by Bikubenfonden

Tunnelfabrikken and the Soil Repository, June-July 2021

Review in Politiken (*****)


Performance documentation: Nana Francisca Schottländer

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