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Galleri Rebecca Kormind 2007

Collaboration with photographer Signe Roderik and painter Duncan Paré resulting in an exhibition investigating the necessity for solitude in a staged room including through paintings, installation works and photography. Each visitor stayed on his or her own in the exhibition, only accompanied by classical music and the works present in the rooms.


Loneliness has a negative ring. But loneliness does not have to be sad and hopeless. It's nice to be with people - to be confirmed and inspired - but I regularly have to be alone, to gather myself - find out what I basically feel and think. We are constantly being bombarded with information and opinions, and it can be confusing. One must have time to think things through in private. To tune in to oneself - and form one’s own opinion.


Signe Roderik: "Togetherness can be a filter you put up, because you don’t dare to meet yourself. With this exhibition we wanted to legitimise pulling the social plug."


Sonja Sabinsky

Herning Folkeblad, January 20th, 2007

Photos: Nana Francisca Schottländer

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