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HABITAT + Bodyscaping (publication)

Published by Antipyrine, 2021 

Buy (in Danish) here


Revolving around one year of research in the Soil Repository, the publication combines texts that discuss current themes of city/human/nature/time/materiality tthrough poetic, intellectual and speculative formats, accompanied by images from research in the landscapes.

HABITAT + Bodyscaping engages curiously and critically in the dynamics that drive the forming of a landscape such as the Soil Repository and from different angles offers 'holes in the fence' into an encounter with the landscapes of the Soil Repository and the conflicts, potentials, pasts, presents and futures vibrating in them. 


Contributions by:

Alexis Shotwell, Andrea Fjordside Pontoppidan, Ari Lin Sixten, Center for Militant Futurology, Donna Haraway, Doreen Massey, Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland, Jens Nejrup, Karen Barad, Kazuo Ohno, Louisa Yaa Aisin, Mikkel Mallow, 

Nana Francisca Schottländer, Peter Vadim, Sarah Lee Armstrong, Thomas Smith, Tora Balslev 

Initiative and artistic direction: Nana Francisca Schottländer

Photography: Marine Gastineau

Text edit: Andrea Fjordside Pontoppidan 

Photo edit: Ari Lin Sixten

Layout: Studio Atlant

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