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Heavy Kinship vol. 1: I'd Rather be a Mountain

Solo performance

Fan Out Copenhagen
August 2015


A choreographed journey with rocks and rope accompanied by Susan Sontag via google translate.


Photos by Abdellah Ihadian


“...our bodies always extend and connect to other bodies, human and non-human, to practices, techniques, technologies and objects which produce different kinds of bodies and different ways, arguably, of enacting what it means to be human. The idea of the body as simply something we both have and are is displaced in this perspective as the focus shifts to what bodies can do, what bodies could become, what practices enable and coordinate the doing of particular kinds of bodies, and what this makes possible in terms of our approach to questions about life, humanness, culture, power, technology and subjectivity. These are some of the themes.... Which radically refigure the idea of the body as substance or entity and even as distinctly human.”

(Lisa Blackman, The Body).

Heavy Kinship Series is an ongoing exploration of the co-creative potential of stone and flesh, rock and human. Of the meeting between entities and bodies, both human and other-than-human, of ways of being, notions of time and the act of collaborative creation. 

I'd Rather be a Mountain was the first, intuitive step in searching for a new language, a longing to transcend the human-centric approach to expression and artistic creation and co-create a choreography with the other-than-human - in this case rocks. 

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