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Steel sculpture and video installation curated for the tri-annual Skulptur Odense 21 themed Brydningstid (Transition Time). 

Hollufgaard Sculpture Park, June - October 2021


Acquired by Odense Kunstråd

KONTINUUM consists of two parts: a sculptural mirror gate in steel and a video installation.

In the video members of Schottländer's family are shrouded in projections of video shot on site in the park and forest near Hollufgaard. Bodies and identities are veiled and exposed as organic life-containers in a tale of transitions between stages in life and connections between bodies, humans and other.

The mirror gate is situated as a liminal possibility in the landscapes of the sculpture park, a discrete transition between one landscape and another, one state of being to another. 


Video stills

Kontinuum 1.jpg
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