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Landscape bodyscape relationscape

Co-creational performative encounters

between humans and landscapes


Photos from the project Inseparable Together

Photographer: Alexandra Buhl 

Landscape Bodyscape Relationscape is a series of site specific performative explorations of equal encounters and co-creations between humans and landscapes.

The human body is used as a tool for exploration and co-creation, engaging with the unique phenomena and expressions of different landscapes, creating in dialogue with the characteristics of each place.

The process is documented through video, still photography, sound recordings and compositions and the material is edited, curated and staged for audiences site specifically in dialogue with the landscape, the exhibition facilities and the potentials of each place. 

The project is born from experiences of working and co-creating with the Danish Wadden Sea for the project Inseparable Together, which shows in 2018-19.


SMK Thy: Landskabninger (working title)

Launching a new for the Danish National Gallery in north west Jutland with a site specific project and exhibition.

April 13th - October 20th 2019

Fanø and Varde: Inseparable Together

A collaboration with photographer Alexandra Buhl and composer Ellen Birgitte Rasmussen. 

Upcoming exhibitions and concerts in the Danish Wadden Sea region 2018-19 (Fanø and Varde)

Sura Medura, Sri Lanka: Singing one Place to Another 

Residency project in site specific landscape research and co-creation

November 4th - December 15th 2019

Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad

Site specific landscape research and co-creation

Exhibition March-June 2020

Amager, København v/ Metropolis

Site specific landscape research and co-creation

Project + exhibition June-July 2020


A series of international projects will also be developed and executed in 2019-21

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