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Landskabninger / Landformations 
Solo exhibition
SMK Thy, The Danish National Gallery
March-October 2019

Video excerpts from Landskabninger / Landformations 2019
Filmed and edited in collaboration with photographer Frida Gregersen

(Excerpt from exhibition introduction)


Landskabninger / Landformations revolves around how we shape and are shaped by the world - the ongoing becoming of our encounters and exchanges with that, which surrounds us.

The works are formed in physical encounters between a body, landscapes and natural phenomena. The body becomes yet another form in a world of forms where everything has agency; the naked skin is a membrane where worlds and beings encounter each other and a mutual shapings begin to unfold.

The exhibition is an artistic response to the landscapes of Thy; the sky, the ocean, the dunes, the sand, chalk, clay and fertile soil. The images create manifold entrances and exits in a labyrinthine system of interconnected patterns and rhythms that trigger both joyful perdition and an almost detective-like urge to read and follow the signs and traces. Like a dream that won't surface completely. The direct, often naked encounter is ever present in the artistic practice of Schottländer. Her artistic explorations unfold in a sensuous state of connecting with things, people, entities, raw materials and myths, where the physical limits of the body are the only hindrance and possibility for encounters to unfold. The starting point is the many facets of the body: What can the body do? What can it become? What can it instigate? As humans we both have and are bodies. But the body is also a substance, and a unity, that, as it encounters 'the other' unfurls in a dance whose choreography blurs the distinctions between me and you, between human and other. 

With Landskabninger / Landformations it becomes vibrantly clear that a human being first and foremost comes into existence in the relations with others and other - as a dialogical creature. 

Exhibition documentation: Frida Gregersen

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