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Landskabninger/Landformation performance

Participatory performance
SMK Thy + Alive Festival

Lyngby Klithede, Thy
August 2019 


A scored journey into an intimate encounter with a landscape. A shared exploration of what it means to be a human body encountering onter-than-human bodies inhabiting the remote part of the heather dunes in Lyngby, Thy. The performance was developed to accompany the exhibition Landskabninger/Landformations at SMK Thy, Danish National Gallery and is part of an ongoing research into co-creational and intimate encounters between humans and landscapes. 

In a while you will journey to meet the landscape.
When the buss stops, leave your bag and phone behind and only bring this envelope. If you need to drink, eat or visit the toile, please do so now or as soon as the buss stops. 

As we move into the landscape, you will not be able to do either for approximately 1 hour.

I encourage you to welcome any discomfort and to explore it curiously. Let it be. And be with what is.

We gather in silence when the buss stops and everyone is ready...

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