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Concept and artistic direction of a 2000 m2 spatial installation stretching over 5 floors in an abandoned flour mill on the Copenhagen harbour. The rooms were staged with lighting, sound, video and tableaux. All material was recorded and found in the rooms, manipulated or re-defined and re-installed to expose and expand the inherent atmospheres of the rooms to the public.


The project is both strange, experimental and wondrous … few people will escape being captured by a sense of awe …

Camilla Lærke Mors for Jyllands-Posten


Concept and artistic direction: Nana Francisca Schottländer

Light-design: Eva Ulvan Handberg and Adalsteinn Stefansson

Sound-design: Åsmund Boye Kverneland 

Video: Katja Boom Philip and Momo Subotic

Performers: Kendra Lou, Momo Subotic, Nina Zahle, Søren Mühldorf, Michiel Tange Van Leuwen, Sara Armstrong, Madeleine Kate McGowan, Georg Jagunov and others.


The project was supported by Tuborgs Grønne Fond, Københavns Kommunes Kulturfond and Wilhelm Hansen Fonden.


Photos by Maria Ortmann

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