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Sura Medura International Artist Residency
Sri Lanka
November - December 2019

‘When we establish a relation with someone or something, it changes us. It redefines us, inspires and shapes us. It’s risky business… How do we make ourselves available for these transformations? And can we extend our willingness to get intimately involved to include beings and entities beyond the human realm?
The relations that have formed in the course of my work and stay here are in themselves an eclectic, mosaic-like work of art. The works on show are aesthetic documentations of encounters, exchanges and relatings through photography, video, objects, sound and performance.’

Blending in/Standing out 

Video documented contact improvisation with human-made and non-human made environments and their inhabitants exploring the notions of blending in, standing out and coming together. Filmed on location in Hikkaduwa and Dodanduwa, December 11th, 2019 at Hikkaduwa Beach, Ranjith’s Hut, Salty Swamis, the train tracks, Eco Village and Dodanduwa Beach. 

Video: Douglas Kahan and Tamara Whittle 

Videostill Blending in:standing out 2019
Videostill Blending in:standing out 2019
Videostill Blending in:standing out 2019
Videostill Blending in:standing out 2019

Washed up on these Shores

A series of wooden sculptures based on found nuts and seeds, washed up by the sea. The sculptures are made in local wood types Mahogany and Attonia in collaboration with local woodcarver U. D. Nalinda. They examine, in an aesthetic way the process through which how something ordinary, washed up, is given new value and meaning when attention, time and effort lend it a new significance and story. 

Installation view.jpg
Objects 1.jpg

Natural Intimacy

A series of photographs documenting intimate bodily encounters between human flesh and things that grow. Shot in Hikkaduwa, Dodanduwa, Ritigala and Sigeriya with the bodily assistance of Nilanthe, Usha, Emasha, Rushan, Tharu, Frederic and Una.

Printed and edited in collaboration with Saman Samarawickrasama Studio, Hikkaduwa

Mahasona 5 til web.jpg
Coloured leaf 2 til web.jpg
Calliandra haematocephala.jpg
Nilanthe and Croton Codiaeum variegatum.
Mangrovia 4 til web.jpg
Mangrovia 3 til web.jpg
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