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NETLA - nældens ambassadører

(Ambassadors of the Nettle)

Bloom Festival 2022

Excerpts from video installation for NETLA

Photographer Mikkel Ulriksen

Sound: Mathias Bredholt

Edit: Nana Francisca Schottländer

A dual performance consisting of a participatory scored journey into intimate encounters and exchanges between humans and nettles; and a choreographic exploration of the life cycle of nettles in the here and now of the large patch of stinging nettles in Søndermarken. 

A ritual of exchange. A celebration of connectivity, reciprocity, collapse, decay, rebirth and pleasure.

Concept and artistic direction: Nana Francisca Schottländer
Created in collaboration with the nettles, the contributing dancers/performers Mikkel Mallow and Naya Moll Olsen as well as composer Mathias Bredholt. 

Scenography by Plastique Fantastique

Props and costumes created in collaboration with Siri Viola and Ellen Leer

Nail design by Ari Lin Sixten

Photo documentation: Malthe Ivarsson for Bloom Festival

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