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Munkeruphus, June-August 2020

Bloom Festival Copenhagen, May 2018

Berliner Hauptbahnhof, January 2018


I consist of a multitude;

Individual, interdependent organs,

cells, organisms, microbes, bacteria and fungi,

that have very fortunately decided to work together

on continuously co-creating the holobiont entity,

I think of as me.

Intricately woven

into the fabric of cross-species


spanning from my own body

to the entire planet.

And beyond.

How to grasp this?

To observe, engage with,

question, merge and wonder/wander

along with and among my fellow beings

of all kinds

In an ever growing relationscape

AOB_mandag_14 (1 of 1).jpg

Acollaboration with Studio ThinkingHand and Novozymes Age of Biology in creating a sym-bio-poietic venture into the realm of biology understood as a co-creational mode of exploring, divulging and opening a dialogue with the fundamental other-than-human entities of our world. The piece shows and interrelates four different approaches or perspectives onto the delicacy of the cosmos, beyond the mere human capacity and frame; cultivation, archiving, mimicking and merging.


Dimensions: 5 x 6 x 2,4 metres

Materials: Agar, various living fungi cultures, epoxy resin, nature from Sweden and Denmark , polycarbonate, tinted mirror, wood, rope, rocks and 3D printed plastic by Aniso.

Photos by Nana Francisca Schottländer, Studio ThinkingHand and Nicklas Nagel.

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