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Solo exhibition

Part of Liselund Laboratorium Møn


Video excerpts from Sympoiesis, filmed and edited in collaboration with Thomas G. Bagge

Video installation and large scale photographic prints exhibited in the garden of Liselund created in collaboration with photographers Thomas G. Bagge and Mikkel Ulriksen.

Every month throughout one year I visited the garden of Liselund and the surrounding landscapes to explore how a human body can meet, exchange and shape mutual expressions with the unique phenomena of each season. My body is a tool and the skin a membrane where worlds and entities meet, where life exchanges with life; tree and body, water and skin, flesh and rock, light and darkness, penetrating the cultivated 'image' of the garden to meet the life unfolding there on its own terms, body to body.

Sympoiesis means co-creation, and the work consists of a creational moment where human and more-than-human meet in synthesis and new exposures.

In collaboration with Thomas G. Bagge and Mikkel Ulriksen these embodied encounters with the landscape were documented in video and photos, where the contours of the garden and the body merge in symbiotic form and the body becomes another sculptural feature of the landscape. The material was installed as a 5 channel video installation in a hothouse in the garden and a series of large scale photographs, placed where they were taken in the landscape throughout the year. Together they formed a journey through the life of the garden, the seasonal transformations and multiples exchanges between a human body and the manifold bodies of the landscape. 

Produced by Metropolis for Liselund Laboratorium Møn

Exhibition documentation by Thomas G. Bagge

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