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Klintekongens Drøm


A landscape art-hunt curated by Georg Jagunov 

Jydelejet and Møns Museum

May - September 2019

Places and entities vibrating with what came before us.

Felt resonances.

Reflections and transpositions.

Passages, portals and shifts in the elements of the landscape.


Go along the plath through the landscape at Jydelejet, senses alert.

Places and elements beckon you.

Watch. Listen.

Climb the hill on your left by the first big rocks.

Follow the path onwards to the Klint. Watch.

Go to the left along the path by the Klint. To the stairs. To the coast.

Find the in-between spaces between driftwood and sea.

To the right and the left along the coast. Watch. Listen. Find your portals. 

Go back up the stairs and continue on the path till it forks.

Find the plateau.

Watch. Listen. Breathe.



Transpositioner, heksesten.jpg
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