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Vandkult/Water Cult

Participatory 12 hour performative ritual by Arnakkekilden 
Part of the curated program for the exhibition Vandlegeme/Waterbody

Developed and guided in collaboration with d Elena Ortiz og Ari Lin Sixten

Supported by The Danish Arts Council


KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad

June 2021

We want to welcome you....

All beings inhabiting this soil, human and other: the two-legged, the four-legged, six-legged, winged and finned, those who walk, those who fly, those who crawl and swim over ground, underground, in air and in water.

We welcome you.

Your feelings: joy, fear, sadness, comfort, discomfort, disappointment, surprise, indignation, anger and all other things that flow through you. We welcome the darkness in you, your insecurity, your discomfort and the resistance you may feel, your doubt and your difficulty in receiving.

We welcome it all. 

We welcome all plants, green beings, grasses and herbs. the flowers, bushes and trees from all places: oak, fir, beech, birch, willow and elm; as well as your wonderfull companions the fungi, who enrich the soil and decompose to recompose and create new life. 

We welcome you.

All material and non-material beings of this place and of all places; beings of wind, water, forest, fire and ocean as well as the beings of this particular place. That which remains intact and wild as well as that which has become domesticated and paved over. We welcome you with the names by which you identify. 

We welcome you here, now.

1. Baptism

Place your cup on the edge of the well. 

Greet the source that flows from beneath the ground. 

Wash your feet, wash away where you came from.

Wash your hands, wash away what you were doing. 

Wash your face. Wash away who you were. 

Fille your cup. Taste the water. Drink. Receive new life. 

Give thanks to the source. 

Bear witness to the cleansing of the others. 

Photographic documentation by Ari Lin Sixten

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